Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chutki Makeup,Dressing & Feeding Kit

Milk Feedding Kit:

                                                                  Body Massage Kit:

                                                                      Dressing Kit:

                                                          Makeup Kit:

Some More Chutki Snaps

Chutki's First Toy

My Chutiki Born at Mamata Hospital on 6th Nov 2011(9:59AM)

Shirisha was joined in Mamata Hospital on 5th Nov 2011 evening
And Chutki was born 6th Nov 2011 morning 9:59AM
Doctor: Dr.Madhavi
Location: Kuktpally JNTU; Opp to: Arjun & Shivaparvathi Theator; Hyderabad

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Room No:301@Mamata Hospital

Shirisha has joined in Room No: 301(3rd Floor) in Mamata Hospital on 5th Nov 2011 evening.
After 2 Days of  Delivery we shifted to Room No: 201(2nd Floor) due to some Painting Construction in Hospital 

Room No: 301(3rd Floor)

                                                              Room No: 201(2nd Floor)

                                               My Bike(left red one) view from 2nd Floor

                                                   Arjun Theator View from 2nd Floor

                                             Shivaparvathi Theator View from 2nd Floor

Dad has getting bored in Hospital & Went to Movie 7th Sence while Shirisha in Hospital

                                                             7th Sence Movie Ticket